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Rogue River Lodge - A Fine Gold Beach Oregon Hotel

  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge
  • Gold Beach Hotels - Rogue River Lodge

Rogue River Lodge is a cozy and comfortable place with a lot of character. River views from the private decks, gardens and hot tubs are spectacular.

Our main deck is the perfect gathering place for guests, small weddings and reunions.

We are located near Gold Beach, Oregon on coastal Highway 101 about 35 miles north of the California/Oregon border.

"One of the coolest small lodges anywhere"! -People by the Water

A Gold Beach Hotel on The Rogue River

The Rogue River was one of the original 8 rivers designated as 'Wild and Scenic' by Congress in 1968.

The Rogue's headwaters (Boundary Springs) are at the base of Crater Lake, nearly 215 miles from where it meets the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach. It's journey includes raging rapids, still water pools, deep canyons and some of the worlds most impressive scenery. For you trivia buffs, Crater Lake is Oregon's only National Park and is approximately 1932 feet deep. The Rogue River, or Patterson Memorial, Bridge crossing the Rogue River at Gold Beach was completed in 1932...and is 1932 feet in length!!

The Rogue has long a long and storied history. Many small bands of Native-Americans made their homes along its banks for thousands of years. The 'Indian Wars' of 1855-'56 resulted in the remaining natives being forcibly relocated to the Siletz Reservation up the Oregon Coast. At the height of the 'Gold Rush', $70 million was taken from the Rogue. The river has long been known for its outstanding salmon and steelhead fisheries. Commercial salmon fishing was outlawed in 1962.

The Rogue gained nationwide fame in the 1930's when many dignitaries and Hollywood stars discovered this incredible river. Amongst them were; Herbert Hoover, Zane Grey, Clark Gable and Ginger Rogers. Zane Grey wrote several books while living along the Rogue River at Winkle Bar. His small cabin is still intact. Several more Presidents, Generals. John Wayne, Lloyd Bridges and others were also visitors to the Rogue Country. Parts of several movies have been filmed on the Rogue River. 'A River Runs Through It' with Meryl Streep, 'Rooster Cogburn' and 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid' are amongst them.

Today, the Rogue River is a 'Recreational Paradise'. Jet boat tours from Gold Beach to the base of Blossom Bar rapids and back are just one of the activities that bring people from all over the world to Gold Beach and the Rogue River Lodge at Snag Patch. Our Spring and Fall Chinook salmon runs are still amongst the best to be found. Oh yeah, lets not forget about the Winter/Summer Steelhead, Coho salmon, trout, sturgeon and perch fisheries. We're catching fish year round in the Rogue and nearby Pacific Ocean.

Jerry's Rogue Jets was founded in 1958 and was "The First Jet Boat Tour Company in America" Their competitor, the US Mail Boats, started much earlier but used oars, pike poles, sails and outboard motors until 1959. Yes, the Mail Boats still carry the mail! Both companies are now owned by the same family. Between the two boat lines, they carry nearly 35,000 people each season between May 1 and October 15. These trip are highly-recommended. See details in our ACTIVITIES section.

Thousands and thousands more come to our area to fish the Rogue....but don't worry, it is never crowded here. We are surrounded by millions of acres of unspoiled wilderness. Please see details in our ACTIVITIES section or visit

Many others hike the Rogue River Trail from Graves Creek to Big Bend. Others enjoy a raft, kayak or drift boat trip through the 'Wild and Scenic' section of the river.

The Rogue River is a special place...come spend some time playing on the river and staying at Rogue River Lodge at Snag Patch.

Gold Beach

Gold Beach is a cool little beach town with a lot of nature-based activities just out your door at Rogue River Lodge - A Fine Gold Beach Hotel. The lodge is located 3.3 miles upriver/inland from Gold Beach and the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, which means the weather is generally warmer and you're out of the occasional wind and fog you find right on the coast.

Gold was discovered on the local beaches near the mouth of the Rogue River in 1853. Prospectors poured into the area by the hundreds and small settlements (first called Ellensburg, then Gold Beach), grew on both the north and south sides of the river where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Yes, there is still gold on the beach in Gold Beach!

With the coming of prospectors and settlers, came problems for the native people. By 1854, there were skirmishes amongst the natives and the newcomers. This erupted into the 'Indian Wars' of 1855-'56. The native people were forcibly removed from their land and brought to the Siletz Reservation north on the Oregon coast. There is a wealth of great information at the Curry Historical Museum in Gold Beach. Take a peak at

The person who, arguably, influenced Gold Beach the most from past to present was Robert D. Hume. In 1876, Hume established a cannery followed quickly be a salmon hatchery in 1877. This hatchery is still in operation and helps supplement the native salmon fishery in the Rogue River. Hume established Wedderburn on the north side of the river, where he grew his empire on the back of the Chinook salmon that his men harvested from the Rogue. Wedderburn became a 'Company Town' with a cannery, general store, newspaper, living quarters for his workers and even a horseracing track! Commercial fishing on the Rogue was ended by State legislation in 1935.

Today, you can see the remains of the 'Mary D. Hume' at the Port of Gold Beach. This vessel was one of a small fleet which Hume used to transport canned and salted salmon up and down the West Coast. The ship was named for his wife.

From the 1940's to the mid-1980's timber harvesting largely fueled the economy of Gold Beach. There were many mills, both small and large with employed hundreds of people. More still worked in the forests or diving trucks.

Location, Location, Location is so important for a gold beach hotel

With the timber industry all but gone, Gold Beach has transformed into a tourism-driven economy. The one constant that has remained the same in Gold Beach from past to present is it's location. Simply put, Gold Beach is perfectly placed for outdoor pleasures. Millions of acres of forests, the Rogue River and the Pacific Ocean all meet at Gold Beach. The relatively mild weather is another plus. Gold Beach has more 'sun days' than any other town on the Oregon or Washington coasts.

Start dreaming about your visit to a Gold Beach Hotel and check out

Hmmm, should we stroll barefoot on the beach, hire a professional salmon fishing guide, hike some coastal trails, kayak, visit unique shops, bicycle, windsurf, watch myrtle wood being made into works of art, swim, check out the tide pools, watch the sunset, take a jet boat ride, take in one of the annual events, visit Port Orford Heads, Cape Blanco Lighthouse, golf, visit Old Town Bandon and the Game Park, bird watch, paint, dine at any number of good restaurants, take photos, look for agates and other treasures on the beaches, explore Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor, visit the Redwoods, storm watch, step back in time at Prehistoric Gardens, stand-up paddle, whale watch, ride horses on the beach, visit Ocean World and Trees Of Mystery, hike some inland trails, try your luck at one of the nearby casinos, board a charter boat and fish the Pacific Ocean, take a scenic drive, have a cup of coffee or glass of wine on our deck, read a good book, soak in the hot tub or just enjoy the serenity and views of the river?

The list of possibilities for adventure in and around Gold Beach is nearly endless. Of course, you can do as much...or as little as you wish at Rogue River Lodge, near Gold Beach, Oregon.

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